Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Bathroom Refresher!

Like many houses built in the mid 1970s, our house has a number of style issues. Today's problem deals with the tile.
The tiles are in good shape, just out of date!
So... what do you do? If it's like our tile and it's just the accent tile, fix it like I did today. If it's horrible, fix it like I did our other house about a month or so ago! (search for bathroom remodel)
Today, since this was a small project, I pulled out the finger nail polish and the paint pen.
Here is the before.
And here is the tile in progress. I used Sally Hansen 300 White polish to prime the gold accent tile becuase that is what my teenage daugther had.
A cool thing about this project was that Lexi could help.  Since nail polish is in a small bottle with a little brush, it is perfect for those inbetween kids to help with!

After we finished going around the walls once with fingernail polish, I went back over with white paintpen. If I had purchased more white fingernail polish, I would have just used that as it coated better, but I had a white paint pen and that did the trick as well.

I'm still deciding on the color of the mirror and looking for decorations that remind me of the ocean. I'm trying to stick with calming blues and greens. With 3 girls in and out of the bathroom I figure any calming force that we can use would be a good thing.

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