Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dharma and Greg? How 'bout Doug and Emily!

Do you know the sitcom from the late 1990's "Dharma and Greg'?
The premise is that opposites fall in love on the first date and get married.
Then the series deals with how they view the world and how they relate to each other in it and through their differences.
From the picture below you can guess who is the business and who is the emotional one.

Now, meet Doug and Emily.

She knew after the first date that she was going to marry him. (it took him a little longer.)
3 weeks later they were engaged and married 6 months after that!

He is business, common sense and finance.
She is not.

This week as I have been making emotional decisions based on want and feelings, Doug has asked me to stop and consider and think. I don't like those requests. Some cause he's right (ugh! he usually is) and some cause it makes me stop and question what I can physically and emotionally do. I'd rather just get to work and not worry about the ifs and whats! That's Doug's job!

Interestingly to me, I don't consider myself to be that emotional! But I do have to agree that I make decisions based on feelings...

We laugh that we are Dharma and Greg. But we balance each other soo well!

So, this week I was really, really wanted to finish training for a marathon that is just 5 weeks away and Doug was really, really wanting me to stop and consider and take it slow, I had to take a step back and think rationally for a few minutes. POOH! and say that he is right. I need to start the training plan from week 1 and take it to the goal of the marathon. Not start at week 21 of 26 knowing that I could do it. (even though I'd be dead at the end..)

I have to remember that not everything has to happen NOW and that I have to do what's best for me and my family.

So be warned, emotional Dharma has been reined in by common sense Greg... BUT I'm looking for a couple of half-marathons to play with while I prepare for a full Marathon in the fall!

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