Friday, June 14, 2013

Performing and Visual Arts Camp 2013. Done!

Another year of camp complete! It was a great week, very busy, but very fulfilling too!
I think we had about 50 campers plus maybe 10 high school volunteers. This year we added a Photography Camp to the Performing and Visual Arts portion and I think that went rather well. The yearbook teacher taught that portion, the theatre teacher taught the performing arts portion and I taught the visual arts portion. We made a great team and I think all of the campers left happy.

I didn't take very many pictures of camp in progress this year... the photography kids did. But now I don't have them to blog about. I'll have to get some in action shots!
Here is one camper and her completed sculpture. I have to say, I love the sculpture project. I might even use it in my art 1 class!
Below are some pictures of the 20 minute musical the kids performed. It was called Spaced Out and they did an awesome job. We love these musicals and will use this company for next years production. It is published by Hal Leonard.

The campers made their costumes/props, "painted" murals, screen printed their tshirts and learned lines, songs and choreography!

Don't you love the changing murals! We used periaktoi (tall triangles that turn) and covered them with black craft paper. Then I sketched the scene on the paper and the kids using oil pastels "painted" the murals. It worked fabulously! I can't believe theatre people haven't started using this in shows! It's cheap, easy and no clean up! We are going to be doing this for theatrical productions starting in the fall! I had one classroom set of the crayola oil pastels and figured we would use them as long as they lasted. Umm. We didn't even make a dent in my supply! I am really pumped about this find!

With this year's camp complete, summer really begins for me! And we are already thinking of next years camp!

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