Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Intensive Landscape Rehab Project

A friend of mine owns a nursery and does landscaping (The Greenhouse, in DeLeon TX). I asked her to stop by and help us with a plan to take back the yard before the vines completely took over the entire yard!
So she did.
And came back with a PLAN!
Here are before pictures of the yard. Yes, it is wild and au'natural!


One the first day of the project five workers worked ALL DAY on the large bed by the driveway. The vines were crazy difficult to take out and the honeysuckle had wrapped itself in and around the trees!

 By the end of day one, I think the workers were cussing us!
 Day two was spent cleaning out the other beds and moving rocks.

Day three was the payoff. Everything started coming together.


We chose to use pecan hulls as mulch. A green material and long lasting. And I really like the way it looks in the beds!

And finally the evening of Day 3... really their Day 4 so much work happened in one day!

I LOVE the results. We still have the sod to go in and the front bed to decide on.. but the difference is amazing!

This was just stage one of what the landscaper called our "intensive landscape rehab project!" I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

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