Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jogging for Judah: A JOY RUN!

Doug and I ran in another race yesterday. This was near and dear to my heart as my friends and BRF's (best running friends) were putting this race on to support the adoption process of another BRF Kristy! How cool is that!
This race was done in our hometown but as luck would have it, I was out of town at my once a year scrapbook retreat. So I got up a little earlier Saturday morning and drove back to town to race.
Here is most of our group prior to the race.
Side note: Lesley doesn't run barefoot, but she does wear those rubber individual toe running shoes. Yes, I'm sure they have a real name!

It was great weather for a summer race. It was hot and humid, but we live in Texas and that is to be expected. I was really hoping to push for a PR, but I didn't take into account the toll 2 days of sitting doing nothing but scrapbooking would take on my hip.  I started the race with an achy left hip. Probably not the best conditions for a fast race. I also had had five "spells" or whatever you would call them on Friday where I know my heart did it's weird stop and re-fire thing. It is obvious to me that my constant state of motion is probably a good thing, because after sitting still and doing very little activity for 2 days resulted in my hands being all trembly and my heart hurting by Friday night. Good race conditioning I know! But before you get worried.. remember the cardiologist said my heart was great and was most consistant in beating when I am running. see, I needed to race!

Anyway... the ladies that I run with all the time and I very much enjoy running together. Here are a couple of the proofs from yesterday's race. You can see us in the background laughing and chatting while Doug is running very seriously ahead of us...



About a mile in, one friend started having asthma issues. We finally got her inhaler to her about mile 4. It was getting a little scary. We've decided that we will all get inhalers too and carry them with us in case she forgets again! Needlesstosay, pushing for a PR wasn't the priority of the day! But you know, that is one of the privileges of running with this group of ladies.. I know that without a doubt, if it had been me, they would have waited and helped me! I am so thankful to have this group of STRONG women to live my life with!

So back to the race, with about a mile left, I saw Doug a couple of blocks up... hmmm. yes I am that competitive. So I told my friends, I am off! And I raced Doug down and beat him by 30 seconds. I know, that's shallow of me. But hey what can I say, I know that in another 6 months Doug will have pushed past my times and will be waiting on me at the finish line. I gotta get the better time (even if it is just 30 seconds) while I can!

Here Doug is with his SECOND place medal!!

And here we both are with our medals. I got third in my division. Really I got fourth, but since the overall female winner came from my age group, I got bumped up! Guess I should be thankful that Wendy (another one of my BRF's) is soo stinkin' fast!

And here we are after the race. I must say, our little running community cleaned up on the awards!
I must say, it's a pretty cool thing to get to run with friends, take home a medal and know that you have helped bring a child to her forever family!

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