Friday, June 28, 2013

A Fun DIY kid friendly craft project! Make an Air Dry Clay Loom!

Need a fun, not too expensive, more than one afternoon, but not too messy craft project?

Well... here it is...
You make an air dry clay loom and then you weave on it!

Yes, even smallish children can do this with supervision!

I've created a two part snapguide as a tutorial. 

For instructions on how to make the clay loom, click here.
For the weaving portion, click here.

I will say this, I used a teacher supply air dry clay that you purchase in 25 pound bags. I realize that you wouldn't do that at home. Just a regular craft air dry clay would work fine for this project.

I also used about as much clay as a softball. Little ones would not be able to start rolling a slab with this much clay. If Kylie were doing this, I would "help" her roll out the slab. You will have a lot of extra clay after you cut out the middle of the frame, so let the littles make fun things with the leftovers.
I used a rolling pin to roll out my clay. DO NOT USE YOUR KITCHEN ROLLING PIN FOR THIS!! You do not want to contaminate your rolling pin! Instead of using a rolling pin, I could have just used my hand and smushed, picked up the clay, gave it a turn, flipped it over and smushed some more. 
If you are doing this with kids, just think how cute this project would be with a hand print embedded into the frame instead of the flowers that I stamped... hmmm. :)
Now, I have to say, at this point I was tempted to just let this piece dry and use it for a cute frame.. but then I wouldn't have had a loom, so I kept going.
I used Popsicle sticks and a straw for placement.

Make sure you check the tutorial cause I am skipping a lot of steps! When you get the holes cut out, this would be the end of day one.  Let the loom dry over night.

Day 2.. paint! I used kid safe tempera cakes/watercolors. Lots of color, little water. And multiple coats.
 Let dry. Later that day, an adult will need to spray a sealer coat or two.

Day 3: start weaving!! String your loom with yarn and go to it! Yes, details are included in my snapguide!

To weave, you will need yarn, Popsicle sticks and a paperclip. Not too difficult right? :)

Basic weaving is just over and under the strings that are held tight. (warp threads) Need instructions.. go look at the guide...
You can keep it simple
or make it fancy.
Weaving is a lot of fun. It teaches perseverance, allows for mistakes and let's kids be creative within boundaries. These are the hallmarks for great kids activities!
So go create!

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