Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Friendship Wreath

We had some new friends over for dinner this week. After we ate, my friend gave me this wreath.
I love it.

And while she dogged her gift, it hit me that this was the first handmade gift that I have received in a long, long time. As she gave me the precious gift, she apologized saying that since I was a crafter and art teacher.... blah blah blah... that I might not like this GIFT!
And it got me thinking, why do we think that people who make art wouldn't appreciate other's art? I do this myself. I dog my own gifts. I dog my ability. I dog my craft. I realize that I do it out of fear of rejection. I'm afraid that what I just painstakingly made is not going to be received well. That it won't be appreciated, or it might even be made fun of.
So here is what I have decided to do. I'm going to take appreciation to the streets! I am going to start telling people that I appreciate their efforts, their time, their gifts. Because heck, I don't have to like something a student made, but I can tell them that I appreciate their efforts! I don't have to enjoy standing in line for the cashier at the store, but I can appreciate the fact that the cashier is their to help me and I can verbalize that!
So, to my dear friend. I am so thankful for the gift of your friendship, the gift of your smile, the gift of our daughters budding friendships. And I truly thank you for the beautiful handcrafted wreath you made me. I appreciate the gift and you.

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