Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Payoff

There are mornings when I really don't want to get up
before 5 am to run in the dark.
There are evenings when really all I want to do is eat
ice cream and sit on the couch.

But most of the time I am able to overcome those feelings and keep on trucking with my healthy lifestyle.

And I am so glad I am.

Cause running and races have become a normal part of our life, so much so that the girls have started asking for races too!

A couple of weeks ago was the Fuel Up To Play Fun Run.

Lexi and Kylie were so excited to race.

The night before the race, they spent the night with my parents along with their cousin Aspen and stayed up way too late, but Lexi and Aspen were still ready to run. Kylie... not so much.

Doug and I got there right before the race and found out that it was a 2 mile race, not the 1 mile that I thought. Oops! :)

I love this picture of Lexi. She is such a natural runner!

As Kylie came around the bend at about 1/2 mile, she bailed. 

And here are Lexi and Aspen at the end of the race. They did great!

Part of the excitement about the race was that the participants would receive a pedometer. Lexi was pumped. 3528 for 2 miles.. would have thought she'd get credit for more, but she was happy!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Maddie is running her first 5K! And I'm not going to be there! :( But I am thrilled that she is running it with her cousin! Then on Saturday the little girls are doing another 1 mile race and Doug and I are doing a 5k. It's the same race as one we did last year. Fun... I have a time to beat!

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