Friday, November 8, 2013

10 Bandaids So Far....

I've been working on a printmaking piece over the last week or so. I'm on my third try. The thing with printmaking is that you carve out the area that you want to be white. But once it's carved, it's gone. There is NO putting the linoleum back.

So there is a fine line you have to reach. My first two plates I went to far. This time, I'm trying to stop right at the line. I want the details, but I want the viewer to be able to feel the piece as well.

Yesterday at school I had my student's critique the piece. They were a little leery and you could tell that they DID NOT want to hurt my feelings. But I told them that I needed their feedback, that I am a working artist, not just a teacher and want to make sure that the piece "reads" to the viewer.

It was fun. 

Here is where I am at.  What do you think? Should I take anymore of the black out. Remember, I can't put anymore black in it.

And now that you have looked at it, what do you see? I SO want to tell you, but I'm trying to not lead you!

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