Monday, November 18, 2013

A Week of Celebrations

It was a busy week here last week.

On Tuesday, Lexi was in a school play. It was called "The Granny Awards" and Lexi was the Granny!! She was very cute!
I'd put more pictures in this, but I recorded the performance while others took pictures. That means I don't have pictures on my computer. Bummer. Just take my word for it, she looked like a little old granny on the stage. She even had fake glasses.

Then Friday was Lexi's 9th birthday! 

We celebrated as a family on Thursday night with a special french toast, whipped cream and strawberries meal. This is the second year that we have done this, so now it's a tradition!

Then Lexi got to open a couple of presents. Kylie picked out a great game called Kornered. It's all about colors and patterns and NO WORDS to read, so everyone could play!

The big gift were stilts. Oh how she wanted those things! And she knew that they probably wouldn't be shipped in time for her birthday, so she was so excited when she was handed the box!

Doug quickly put them together.

 And she was off!

We started her off on the lowest setting with the starter legs and we have been raising them a little. Even just a few days in and she is about ready for the legs to be changed to the "advanced" leg. 

Then on Friday morning, she got a couple more presents. A pink jacket from her Daddy, a book from Maddie and a card game from me.

Then we were off to school for end of the grading period awards. Here Lexi got perfect attendance, A honor roll and two different reading awards. 

As you can see in the picture below, only two students earned one of the reading awards that Lexi got this six weeks! She was so pumped and is already well on her way to her next goal.

We ended the day with Lexi and Kylie going to spend the night with my parents while Doug, Maddie and I drove two hours away to watch a high school football playoff game! The next morning we all went to a fun run (pictures to come...) and then Sunday celebrated Doug's birthday! He went and played golf and I ran a 5k.

Whew, no wonder I don't feel rested! :) What a great life I have! I get to celebrate my children, run races with them, play games and sing songs and eat cupcakes with my family. No time for rest, but that's the way I like it!

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