Sunday, November 3, 2013

So Long Weight Watchers, It's been fun.

I've been renewing my membership to Weight Watchers and their Active Link for months now... not because I was tracking food, but because I wanted to see how many activity points I could earn while training for a marathon.

Well, now I know. And so do you! 

Do you see that? From August 2 to November 2 I earned 827 points! And don't forget, I had bronchitis TWICE during that time!


So what's next? 

Well... I'm going to try to lose another 15 pounds before April 5th. I'd like to get rid of the love handles and the need for a sports bra for my HIPS!! Man, pictures from races don't lie!

So it's soo long Weight Watchers. Since May 2012 you have become a dear friend, but I think that I can take it from here. And if not, I can always renew my membership!

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