Sunday, November 24, 2013

Art Convention Wrap Up

Another art convention has come and gone. 

I truly enjoy attending as I always learn something new, make new connections with people in the art world, and get refreshed.

This year I taught two hands on workshops and one technology workshop.

I even remembered to take a picture at my final workshop.

I have to say, I love teaching teachers!  

They are a hard crowd at times because they already know the content and unless you can catch their interest quickly, they will leave your workshop in a flash. I say this, because I've been this person!

My workshops went great. I had wonderful feedback and was able to share new ideas and methods for teaching traditional concepts.

In my technology workshop I taught about making snapguides. It was so much fun watching everyone get so excited about making online tutorials. I'm hoping that some of these teachers will start making tutorials that I can use in my classroom.

And in a departure from the hands-on workshops that I usually stick with, I went to a seminar called Current Research in Higher Education. It was really informative and opened my eyes to the fact that some of the processes and teaching methods that I use in my classroom I could use for research publications.

Like I need anything else to work on!! :)

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