Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stop Thinking!

Some days you just have to tell yourself to STOP THINKING!!

I have had a number of those days this week! The alarm would go off and I would think about all of the "good" reasons to not get out of bed and workout. I'd think about the lack of sleep, the rainstorm, the day ahead, the humidity, the current projects at work, the kids needs of the day and on and on...

This would paralyze me.

Then I would snooze.

Then I'd say it was too late to work out and go back to sleep.

Then I'd be down on myself the rest of the day because my body missed not working out!

And so I need to remind myself to STOP THINKING!!

Just get up, get dressed and RUN!

The day is sooo much better after a good run!

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