Thursday, April 25, 2013

Repurposed Display Case... Take Two!!

This is where I left you last time. I liked the window frame. I love the medals with the frame, but I wasn't in love with the final product. But I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, because I didn't want to "finish" it and then not be able to open it to add additional medals.

After thinking about it a couple of days, I decided to make a TEMPORARY backer and to staple the ribbons to the backer so that I could easily add more ribbons to the piece.  Here is the back of the frame. What I did was to cut a black mat board to size and then position the ribbons on the board. I then stapled the top ribbon to the board and hid the staple with the top ribbon. I then hammered in finishing nails on 3 sides of the frame. I put them in close enough to hold the board in place, but left a little wiggle room so that I can easily take the board out.

Then I took a piece of foam board and cut it to size and smushed it into the back of the frame. No nails or tape or anything here.

And here you go!! Soo much better!!

 The really cool thing about crafting things is that you have the freedom to change and redo stuff.

 TAKE TWO is much better!!

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