Monday, April 22, 2013

So Long STAAR and a circle to make you cry

It's frustrating really. Maddie has worked and pushed all year to be ready for the )*(&&*^%$ STAAR test. The tests are tomorrow and Wednesday. And guess what? Maddie is sick... contagious in fact and can't go to school! She has a viral infection in her mouth that has caused her to have tons of ulcers. Yuck. so she can't go tomorrow and is FINALLY seeing the ENT on Wednesday. This means she misses the tests. I asked one of her teachers about it tonight as we were both at an event and he didn't think she'd get to make it up. Oh man, if they put her in tutorials for not taking the test this mama bear is going to go on a rampage.

And on to something pleasant. Tonight was Circle of Heroes. It's a ceremony type event where the senior National Honor Society students choose one person who has made an impact on their lives. This was the 5th year it has been done at our school. I have been privileged to be invited I think four times now. It is truly an amazing hour. Each senior tells about their "hero" and why he or she has impacted their life. There were some gut-wrenching stories. My impact is not one of those. I am thankful that I give artists a voice. That's my job and it's rewarding and gratifying. At this point in the year it is really nice to hear a thank you!

And that's it for tonight. Life here is in fast forward crazy times. But summer will be here soon!

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