Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Conquering Cancer 5k

Last weekend was a big running weekend in our house. On Saturday we had a Conquering Cancer 5k and Family 1 mile fun run. This was a big deal for us as the two families involved in this race are near and dear to our hearts.
Shari, in the below picture with Lexi is fighting breast cancer. She's one of my mom's closest friends, she taught Maddie in Kindergarten and is practically a family member. 
The other family is the Esquivel's. Their little baby, Riley was diagnosed with cancer at a month old or so! He's being held by his dad, Maddie's science teacher. Coach Esquivel is also a football coach and a champion of Maddie's.

Needlesstosay, this was not a benefit race that we were going to miss. Maddie wasn't able to go as she had Choir Solo and Ensemble. Bummer.

However, the rest of us participated! This was Lexi's first race!!

Here they are before the race. Kylie wasn't so impressed. She didn't like how the bib felt pinned on.

Lexi and Emma, ready to run!

I only signed up for the 1 mile as I was running the 1/2 marathon the next day. Good thing about doing that is that I got to take lots of pictures!

The races started with the 1 mile. Doug decided to run with us and use it as a warm up.

Kylie didn't last very long.
But how cute is that!

And look at this runner! Look at her form!! and if Blogger had allowed me to, I would have made the picture bigger so that you could see the joy on her face!
I'm thinking I have a running buddy!

After the fun run, all of the 5kers lined up for the timed run.

And they are off! Of course you don't get faces, they are too busy starting runkeeper!

During the race Kylie ate three blueberry muffins. I guess watching others run and being carried made her hungry!
And there is Doug coming in. I think it was his best time yet! Go Doug!!

I love how we were able to support our friends and our community and begin sharing a running bond with our girls. I am so very aware that we live in a very special place and am incredibly thankful that God brought us back to this community to raise our children.

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