Tuesday, April 23, 2013

repurposing for a unique display case

In my parent's remodel of their house (see side bar for their link .. Not Too Old For A New Adventure) they took out all of the old windows and replaced them with modern windows. Had to happen!

With that came a couple of dozen craft projects just waiting to commence! Dad and I were talking about all of the fun things he could do with them, when I had an idea. I had been trying to decide on a better way to display my running medals as my closet wall just didn't seem like the coolest place. I had worked way too hard to hide them!

So I got the smallest of the windows available and brought it home and started cleaning it. It was rather filthy! See below! I scrapped all of the rough edges, dirt and filth off it.

Then I got some matte finish varnish and put 3 coats on all sides to encapsulate the remaining flaking (and I'm sure lead) paint. This also gave the wood a nice deep golden color.

I considered a number of ways to hang the medals, but I decided for now, stapling the ribbon to the frame of the window worked best. I didn't want to do anything truly permanent since the more races I run, the more finisher medals I will earn!

And here it is in my bedroom! I have to say, I love the way it looks. I purposely left the space open on the side and didn't space the ribbons out as I have plans to run at least 2 more 1/2 marathons and a full marathon THIS YEAR!!

And if you noticed that it's not centered on the wall, well, I rushed home and hung it during my conference. Doug wasn't there to measure and all that. So I just went with it. He can square it up later :)!!

Aren't you inspired now to go run!! Okay, maybe inspired to go salvage a window?

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