Monday, April 15, 2013

A different perspective, a new horror.

I can't imagine the horror of running the Boston Marathon to finish in the midst of bombs. The terror and the tragedy. I can't help but make a mental picture of getting close to the finish, after a grueling 4 hours (or more like 5+ for me if I were to ever do it...which I realize means that I would never qualify..) and looking for my family. Looking for familiar faces. And then chaos and cruelty takes over. It truly makes my heart stop.

A year ago I would have been horrified and saddened. Today it was personal. I have joined the running family and today's terror was a targeted act.

As I was sitting here pondering, Lexi walked up to me and saw the picture and asked what that was. I told her it was for the Boston Marathon. She asked me if I was going to run it. . I smiled and said no, that I had to run a marathon first and that I'm not that fast! How her world has changed in a year too.

When I told her about the bombs and the loss of life and the injuries, she was dumbfounded and questioned why it had happened. I told her that I didn't know, that nobody knew. Her immediately response was, "You aren't going to run that!"

And she's right for a lot of reasons, but not because of a bomb.

I guess what has me so jumbled up is that I was at a marathon yesterday. Sure it was a thousand or so miles away, but you can't help but feel a kinship with others when you are out on the pavement pounding out the miles.

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