Friday, April 19, 2013

Finding her niche

This week Maddie went to color guard mini camp. She really enjoyed it. Look at that smile!
 (I stole the above picture from the color guard instructor of facebook. Thanks Stephanie!)

Even with a busy schedule, Maddie found time every day after camp to practice a little out in the back yard. On Monday night (the first night of camp) the wind was pretty strong and it whipped the flag around and bonked Maddie in the mouth. It cut the inside of her mouth, but looked fine. The next morning it was swollen and looked icky. Now Friday, it's not as swollen but the inside of her mouth where it cut it is gross! I guess I'll take her to the doctor. Poor Maddie, she can't catch a break!

But as usual, she perseveres and excels.

Tonight after the camp, they had a showoff. And boy they did. I love color guard. I know it's because I twirled the baton at her age so it makes me remember those sweet times (and in junior high, there aren't many sweet times!)

Here are some pictures from her performance. Doesn't she look like a natural!!? :)

I really think Maddie has found her niche with band and color guard. She loves dance class and loves band, so perfect! I guess I better enjoy next fall where I only have to go to home football games, cause I'm thinking I'll be going to every football game for four years when Maddie gets to high school!

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