Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter morning, before church. You might notice the frames on the mantle without pictures. Sad. I've got the frames, now I just have to get the pictures.  And yes, Kylie's face is in focus and the rest of us are out of focus. boo. I'm saving for a "nice" camera! It is sooo frustrating to get us all pretty and then end up with a picture that is fuzzy!! And this is on the auto-setting with the timer. Grrr. Oh well, I know we looked good in person!!

After church the girls played outside and we prepped for a small portion of our family.  It was weird to be missing 2 sisters and their families, but life happens (babies and moving!), and we enjoyed the family that was able to come greatly!

Doesn't sweet Lexi look like a model here!

 And what about this one! Tutu and boots!!

The perfect uniform for soccer!
 Here are the girls with my mom.

I should have gotten one of me and my mom. Man, you don't think about those things until blogging or scrapbooking!! :)

And Maddie and Abby. Oh how they have grown soo quickly. Please beautiful girls slloooow dowwn!

After lunch we played outside.

And Kylie danced. :)

 Then everyone loaded up and went over to Mom and Dad's new adventure house. The house is under construction and the back of it looks like it has been condemned, but the 1 acre yard is perfect for an egg hunt!

How is this for cheese. We used halloween buckets for egg hunting....

Isn't their yard FABULOUS!! It doesn't even look like it is in town!  I love this picture of Lexi.

And that was Easter 2013 in pictures.

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