Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This Weeks Silent Auction Goodies

Hey, Guess What? We went to a silent auction tonight.  Yep. Shocker.

But.. we got a couple of new things and I found out about the cutest bows/hair accessories!!

Lexi had the high bid on a basket full of hair accessories and when we got it home, they really were cute. Not just the top one was cute and the rest were worthless. (yes, we've gotten those too..) But all of the items were adorable.

Here is one of items we won/bought.

I'm wearing this for the Ranger's opening day game!

The basket I think had 6 or 8 items. I can't remember and Lexi has already hid the items.. so I'll just show you some of the items that were like the ones we got!

I think we got a yellow flower...
And a headband

But here are a few of the things I am going to buy... the shop is at etsy. it's called Turnip Creations and you can find her on facebook too. No, this isn't a paid advertisement (I wish!). And no, I have no clue who owns this business, I'm just in a lot of like over her stuff!!

and doesn't this just SCREAM Lexi's name!!
And last but not least, isn't this a cute set!! Now, if we could just get a bow that would coordinate with all of the felties it would be perfect.
So there you have it.

Another installment of what do you buy at a silent auction!

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  1. Thank you for the shout out about my little home grown company, Turnip Creations! I was so excited when my sister sent me the FB link, showing your blog post. Awesome blog, by the way and I am so glad you liked your hair goodies.