Thursday, February 7, 2013

Silent Auction Deals

Doug and I go to a lot of silent auctions.
A lot.
Tonight we went to one.
Here we are in our "informal" silent auction attire!

If you have never been to a silent auction, well, it's an interesting thing. Some silent auctions are built around a dinner/dance and a live auction. Some silent auctions are put with benefit performances or athletic games. And some silent auctions, like tonight's was just a silent auction for an organization with appetizers served.

In case you wondered, we go to a ton of these events because we are important people involved in a lot of organizations around town and Doug is a business owner. In fact, we had been at tonight's event maybe 10 minutes and I was putting a bite of chip in my mouth when my name came up and the presenter asked why I wasn't putting my name down for things!! I announced that I was just waiting to drive up bids!  eek.

So, that's what I did. Or actually, I just bought tonight.

Silent auctions are really a strange thing. At some auctions everything goes for a premium and you are expected to pay more than retail for an item. But some, like tonight's, deals can be found!

Here are a couple of tonight's purchases.

1. An antique quilt. It's around the size of a full or double. I'm hoping that it will wash up nicely and be perfect to decorate around in Lexi's room! It's really a great quilt. It's pink and green and the white isn't really white, it's a navy pin stripe that works great with it. I purchased it for less than 1/2 the price that I would get it at an antique mall.

2. The rooster candlestick. Yep, it's a little strange, but I love it!

Isn't it a great piece!! Don't look at the other things on the mantle, I just left them up there so that you could see the scale of the rooster to the wall!

And that's a couple of tonight's items! I can't show you the rest as a couple of the items have been purchased for my sister and her baby shower isn't until Saturday morning but in addition to the above items and the items for my sister, we bought a couple of gift certificates, a necklace and earring set, a wall decoration and a basket full of kitchen items!! No wonder they love us at silent auctions!

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