Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Eat to Live: Day 23 Update.. so long 18.75 INCHES!

I really like my mid-week measurements.  They keep me motivated.

So here is my Day 23 update!

Down another pound for a total of 10 pounds.

Down another inch in the waist

Down another inch around each thigh

Down 1/2 inch in hips.

Down an inch on chest.

Down 1 3/4 inch on shoulders.

Down 3/4 inch on left bicep.

Down 1 1/4 inch on right bicep.


That makes for a total of 18.75 INCHES GoNe!!!!!

And here I am this morning. A little over 3 weeks ago, this was a fitted shirt.

And for those of you who might wonder how a diet that is made up of 98% plant based,  2% meat, no dairy, no fried, and no sugar has affected my fitness.. well..

Today I ran a 10:12 warm up mile, an 8:27 mile, a 9:10 third mile and a 9:47 cool down mile. 

Not bad!

Can't wait to see what next week brings.

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