Monday, April 20, 2015

Another 3 pounds GONE! Eat to Live ROCKS!

I have to share. 

Yes, I have become that crazy nut job that talks about eating brussel sprouts.

I went in to this vegetable eating, no dairy, no sugar, no fats and very little meat with skepticism. I was just really leery of being able to maintain this type of diet for more than 2 days at a time. That my normal limit. I'm good for two days, then I need a day of bad.. where I undo all the good that I did.

But I've been SHOCKED. I would have never thought that I would WANT to eat vegetables.

See... look at this pan of roasted brussel sprouts.

And  on Friday night.. take a look at this. My family ate comfort food. Velveeta shells and cheese with ground meat and black-eyed peas, crescent rolls and fruit.

And what did I eat? I ate roasted vegetables, bell pepper, squash, zucchini, onion, smashed up black beans, a little pico de gallo, and avocado.  For dessert I had pineapple and strawberries. And I CHOSE to eat this way. And it was YUMMY!

Now, the crescent roll was a temptation. It smelled soo good. But I didn't eat any of the bad stuff.

And why? Because I feel GOOD.

My stomach and thighs are SHRINKING! It's crazy stuff. 

And I've had a few bad meals.. and even a couple of Starbucks non-fat no-whip white mochas! I don't feel deprived, because I am eating more food than I normally would, it's just uber healthy! And when I remind myself to not stress and enjoy it, it's easy. My goal is to make good choices 90% of the time and allow myself the white mocha or the bag of chips in the 10% meals. It is a complete paradigm shift.

And it works.

Here is my Day 15 report...

I have lost 7 pounds.
I am sleeping (except for last night... stress got me.  a good reminder of where I have come)
My pants are loose. I have a couple of pair that fit great two weeks ago. I can take them off without unzipping them now. CRAZY!

Did you get that?

7 pounds and 6 inches in 14 days.

I'm a believer.

Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman works.

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