Thursday, July 10, 2014

The July 4th Parade

I've been attending the July 4th parade in our home town for years. As a child, I participated in the parade on various floats, I twirled a baton in the parade, dressed as characters and on and on.  As an adult, I've handed out fliers on the parade route and probably participated in a float or two.

But I have to say, it was with a tear in my eye that we watch this year's parade. It was another piece of the high school era that started with Maddie! She's in color guard and they marched!

Here we are set up to watch the parade.

You have to set up early for small town parades like ours. Otherwise, you might not get a seat! It was packed all along the parade route.

One of the coolest things about living in the 'ville is that adults with special needs are part of our daily life. In fact, they have their own boy scout troop and they lead the parade with one of the younger troops.

Also in the 'ville we do the typical floats of beauty queens and cheerleaders... but how bout the high school Football Team!! Go Jackets!

And after a dozen police cars and every fire truck in the tri county area, we get to our Yellow Jacket Band! Thankfully marching ahead of the horses! 

Maddie is one of the guard members! She is in the middle row, furthest from my camera. ugh. I didn't think to ask her which side of the street I needed to be on!

But another one of the great things about our town... we all parent each other kids... and we take pictures of them! Debbie took this picture of Maddie and I love it!!  So thankful for our village!

So if you have never been to a small town Texas parade, I invite you to ours. We have the July 4th parade, but we also do Rodeo parades, a homecoming parade for the local university and some years, when we win the state football championship, we have a parade for that too! 

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  1. Aren't small towns amazing? Everyone knows everyone and helps out when folks are sick or going through rough times as well as in the parties and celebrations - and taking pics of our kids for us when we are just.too.stinkin'.far.away :) We will be having our small town's Harvest Days soon and seeing your pictures is making me really look forward to it. Thanks for sharing