Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Japanese Gardens

Today I took the little girls to the Japanese Gardens. It was awesome! The price is very reasonable and it wasn't too hot. We very much enjoyed exploring the park and we even saw a "real princess"! (otherwise known as a young girl having her quinceanera pictures taken... but Kylie was sure she was a REAL princess since she had a tiara...)

Here are some pictures from today.

They loved feeding the koi! I loved the fact that it cost a quarter to get more than a handful of feed! And even better, the lady at the entrance reminded me to purchase my quarters as part of my ticket so that we wouldn't have to come back for change! Big help!! We spent $1.50 and the girls had a blast!

 And look! Lexi got me in a picture too! Yippee! Proof that I am part of my kid's lives beyond just taking pictures!

I got some great ones of Lexi taking pictures with her camera. Sadly, her camera is a piece o'crap and her pictures almost always turn out blurry and bad on her camera. She does great with mine. I've got to just make the investment in Lex!

The girls let me take lots of pictures of them and I have tons more that I'm not posting. you are welcome.

But let me end with my favorite picture from today...LOVE!

Just makes my heart smile.

And in case you were wondering... June was awesome.
I'll do some catch up posting soon!

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