Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stitch Fix: The ONLY way to shop for clothes!

I got another Stitch Fix in the mail today!!

So much fun.
I know I've posted about it before. 
But for my friends that would want to go shopping with me, here is our virtual shopping trip!

When you open the box, this is how it arrives.

It's rather exciting I must say.

While my "dressing room" is a little cluttered, at least I'm not fighting for space with my kids. The girls are doing their normal activities around the house and have no idea that I'm shopping. That might be one of the biggest benefits of Stitch Fix. No fighting with your kids in the dressing room at the department store!

Anyway.. here are the clothes.

Shirt 1. Loved it, but it was a little big. It's a bubble shirt. If I keep the rest, it's worth keeping for the discount. If I'm sending something else back, it not worth keeping. (The 25% off discount to keep all 5 items is a big incentive!) 

Shirt 2: LOVE.  I got one similar that was sleeveless in my last fix. At first I thought about not keeping it, but Hello... school!! This is a perfect teaching shirt!

Shirt 3 (and pants): LOVE the shirt. It has cute little gold buttons on the shoulders. It is perfect for work!  The pants were a bummer. I loved them in the box and was so excited. But they were just a little too snug in the rear and the fit was a little off. I'm short and they weren't made for my hips or legs. Oh well.

Shirt 4: MY FAVE!! I would have NEVER even tried this shirt on. I don't do much pattern, but I love it and it is cute!

So thanks for shopping with me! It was a good trip :) 3 shirts that I would have never picked out for myself that look good and fit nicely and the price was reasonable. Yes, more costly than Walmart or Kohls, but the quality is on par with Ann Taylor and for the most part not as pricey.

If you are interested in shopping this way.. click on my referral link. I'll get a store credit! And have fun! I'm getting another one next month so I'll be ready for school to start! Yippee for new clothes!

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