Tuesday, July 8, 2014

10th Anniversary of the Lakehouse

We just got home from the family lakehouse trip. It was our 10th annual trip! And I can say hands-down it was the BEST ONE YET!!

We had so much fun and the kids were great!

Here are a "few" pictures.

I love how in these first pictures of the little girls you can see why this was such a great trip. Aspen and Dillon were fishing. Kylie wanted too, but there weren't any more fishing poles. Watch the progression... LOVE!

1. Kylie watching.

3. Kylie touching the pole.

 4. Aspen moving the pole between them so they can fish together!

Makes me tear up. :)

Now on to the photo overload!


I realized that as usual, I was taking all of the pictures and not in any.. so I asked Maddie to take some. Here is her picture of one of my sisters. 


And the picture of me. thanks. I'm the one under the umbrella. One of my other sisters is laying on the island. Thanks, Maddie. :/  
Guess I should have requested the glamorous shot!

And back to more pictures.... 

My mom on the jet ski.

One night there was an air show. It was really cool to watch it from the dock! 

And I can't finally, the family picture escapade! Don't you just love how I set up my camera!! It only took two cameras on timers and a few tries to get a decent picture.

And that is a quick recap of the lakehouse adventure!

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