Monday, July 28, 2014

Not a Quarterback, but a Tight End

I took Maddie to a new doctor today. We saw a pediatric rheumatologist/sports medicine doctor at Cook Children's. This is our third rheumatologist to see and as difficult as it is to change doctors, I have learned over the years that having a good fit is vital to good care.  Our other rheumatologists weren't bad, they just didn't seem interested. And given that we were driving a couple of hours to get to the previous doctor and the new doctor was half the distance, I was ready to change!

And I'm so glad we did!

First off.. Cook Children's Specialty Clinic is new and a fabulous building complete with complimentary valet parking!! LOVE! 

Second, we waited in the lobby maybe five minutes. If that. And as soon as the nurse was finished with us, Dr. G was in the room. WOW!

Dr. G was great! We have met a lot of specialists in the last 14 years and many of them are too important or busy to look over the chart before they walk in the room. Not Dr. G! He came in knowledgeable and gave us a summary of Maddie's health report and asked if he got it right! No notes, or anything. That makes him credible from the start in my book!

Anyway, Dr. G asked lots of questions and did his evaluation of Maddie and then just talked to us a little while.  He said he wished he had a crystal ball and could tell us what Maddie's health would be in the future, but since he didn't he would just be a part of her care team.

I told him that was great. That Doug had told the last rheumatologist that we needed a quarterback, but she wasn't interested in the position. Dr. G said he didn't want to be the quarterback as the quarterback was the one that called the plays and made the decisions. He felt like we/Maddie should have that role, but he would be the tight end. 

It's interesting. We ended today learning nothing new, but feeling so much better. Dr. G really listened to us and made us feel like he considers Maddie's health important. I am thankful that we have him on our team!

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