Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving is for family

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving day was lots of fun.  We had a great day filled with family and food. Almost every year that I can remember we have had Thanksgiving at my parent's house complete with 35 or more people. This year was a little different. It was a smaller crowd with a little nostalgia built in knowing that this was the last Thanksgiving in this house with my parent's as owners. In fact, come Christmas, we will be the owners. Strange times.

Anyway.. I woke up Thanksgiving morning thinking of my dad's dad. I do every Thanksgiving as he died on Thanksgiving day 24 years ago. (Thanks sis for doing the math.) I remember that day so vividly, maybe because I had the stomach bug... but I thought of him and then my mom's dad who just died and how different this year would be without him sitting at the head of the table.

As we gathered to eat, it felt a little strange, just having the immediate family, but good too. We all were able to sit in seeing distance of each other. We all agreed that the food may have been the best yet. (I ate too much..eek.)

After lunch we just enjoyed being with each other and then we took a big family picture (as tradition requires..)

And I went with my older sister and her fam and took some family pictures. Here is one sneak peak!

And, my youngest sister's growing belly need documented as well.
More pictures were taken and lots more eating and then my mom and two of my sisters and I went shopping at Walmart. It was crazy insanity there. But fun as we got some deals that we were not counting on!

Black Friday was for chilling and high school football playoffs. (Go Jackets!!) Tomorrow Doug and I are running a race and then having another family Thanksgiving for his side.

I love the holidays!!

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