Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kylie's first bike

We bought Kylie her first bike today. Yes, I know we are 1 month from Christmas, but really, in my opinion, the best kind of presents are the unexpected ones. Based on Kylie's reaction, I think she agrees with me!
It took her about 12 seconds to figure out how to pedal and she was off. Adorable in every way as well. She was soo excited to have a big girl bike.

After she had a few mintues to work on pedalling we loaded up the bikes and headed to the trail. It's amazing, it is November 25th and we wore shorts and tshirts. That's even a little warm for Texas.


After the ride, which was about a mile and a half, we packed up and hit the DQ for ice cream! Not surprising, Kylie went to bed early tonight!
I can't believe how fast my girls are growing up. It seems like bike riding is one of those milestones that mark the end of babyhood. Granted Kylie has training wheels, but it just seems that being able to pedal and stay on the bike is something that a "big girl" would do and not my baby.  Oh how precious these moments are.

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