Monday, November 5, 2012

Grandmother's 97th birthday

On Saturday we celebrated my Grandmother's 97th birthday.

This one was a hard one.

It was the first one we celebrated with her not living independently.
 Last April she fell and has been in an nursing home since. It's just not the same.

Then my Grandad died 6 weeks ago.

So this year, Grandmother's birthday, where we have in the past had large parties,
was a small afternoon affair in the nursing home.

But in typical Grandmother fashion, she was happy, positive and thankful.

That is what I strive to be.
Grandmother and her four daughters.

Grandmother and my sister Katy. She is the youngest grandchild.

Grandmother and my cousins Jon and Steve. The boys of the family!

A few of the Great grandgirls. Lexi, Aspen and Kylie.
Maddie was at a Junior High All-District Band tryout. (That's stuff for another post..)

If you read many of my posts, you know that family is at the core of my being.
My grandmother helped to instill this in me.
I am so thankful that my children know their grand grandmother!

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  1. This post touched my heart. My grandmother (Nanny) is coming on 98 years old so I understand the sentiments here. I agree and feel thankful as well that my children know my Nanny - their great Nanny. Thanks for making me smile. I am sorry to hear about your grandpa.