Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fabulous Fifties

Lexi brought a note home from school saying that Monday would be the 50th day of school and that the students could dress up like the 50's and that they needed to bring 50 small non-food items. Great.

I am soooo not into that kinda thing. And interestingly enough, we had made it all the way through elementary and intermediate school with Maddie without a poodle skirt... but Lexi was desperate for one. She didn't ask me for one though. She asked her friend if the friend's mom could make her one. Nice. Yep, that will make you feel guilty.

So, how did I use my Sunday morning? I went and bought fabric and made the skirt.  Lexi was sooo excited. Here is the fashion shoot/practice run for tomorrow. The skirt was really quite simple to make, and Lexi was beside herself with joy. The poodle on it is uber small, but the only one that we could find. Lexi didn't care, we also have the word Paris and Paris attractions on the skirt. Really, it's a Fancy Nancy type poodle skirt-- TOTALLY LEXI!

Isn't she adorbable!! Oh how I love my fancy Lexi!

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