Sunday, November 11, 2012

SHS Fall Art Show

I had my fall art show this weekend. A few years ago I tied this event to our big fall formal  and it works really well. The theatre does a play and awards are given during intermission for the class representatives and various popularity contests. It's a time honored tradition at the high school and believe me, the award of "Best Eyes" really is quite a big deal.

For art students, having the show when all of their peers will be coming through gives them a chance to shine. Typically the art students are not the students that stand out and get lots of attention.

Here is the foyer in front of the auditorium. Our packing tape sculptures were on display and everyone LOVED them!!

Kylie wanted to take a picture of me.... Heck, at least I'm in a picture!
Next week I go to art teacher convention. I'm excited.. I love learning new things. I'm also a presenting Art SMART(s). It's about using technology in your art classroom.

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