Monday, August 13, 2012

The Best Birthday Party Slacker Mom Ever

I happen to be a birthday party slacker mom. I am completely aware of this fault. Each year, I get a little worse.

For summer birthdays, I have figured out the best ever birthday party!! So attention all you closet slacker moms, you will want to take notes!

1. Reserve a tent at the local pool. We have "Splashville" and it's reasonably priced, my kids love it and it's convenient. Big perk: I don't have to clean my house pre or post party!!

2. Send an evite to the parents. Yep, evites are easy and free. Make sure your evite includes the parents. This is important later.

3. Go to the event a little early and get your kids sunscreened and swimming so that when guests arrive you can direct them to the correct area without the kids underfoot.

4. Swim. All those parents that came with their kids are now entertaining and supervising their own children. SCORE!

(poor Doug. Lexi's best friend was getting a little too close for comfort..)

5. After everyone swims a while, take everyone to the concession stand and buy ice cream and drinks. Believe me, the money spent at the concession stand is less than a custom cake! And, each kid gets to pick his/her own item. The kids LOVE THIS!!

6. Swim some more.

7. Open presents. (hey look! I'm in some pictures. cool.)

And there you have it. Kylie's 3rd birthday party.

And your 101 Birthday Parties for Slacker Moms is complete!

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