Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Tshirt Carpet.. Part 1 of ?

Maddie and I are working on a Tshirt Carpet! How cool is that!!

With the crocheting a bust, I've started over doing a latch-hook style rug. Here is Maddie with the hook base. We had a couple of latch hook tools that we that might use. We found quickly that the tools were more work than they helped and our fingers were more nimble with the tshirt yarn.
Here are all the strips of tshirt.  They were part of the crochet rug that wasn't to be.
And here is a close up of Maddie's hands. You fold a strip in half, run it under and over an opening and pull through. (yeah, that makes since...)
 And here are a few of the loops. I was originally working in rows, but I quickly realized that I probably won't have enough strips for the whole rug, so I am now just randomly placing all my strips so that the colors will be mixed.

 And that's where we are at. I'm thinking it will be a while till you see part 2!!

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