Thursday, August 23, 2012

A visual reward!!

I haven't posted anything lately about my continuing weight loss journey.
And it's not because I fell off the wagon and didn't want to tell anyone!
I'm doing GREAT!!
I've lost 23 pounds.
In fact, I'll show you!

Yesterday, while getting dressed I had to dig out a belt to wear in
order to keep my pants from falling off.
The belt was way too big too.

I had to punch a new hole in the belt. yippee!!
Take a look at the measuring tape.
That is almost FOUR INCHES SMALLER!!!
In May when I wore this belt last, I had it buckled at the third hole from the left.
Here is a picture of me from the spring.
That's me, down front on the left, with belt on.. 23 pounds heavier.
Yesterday, it was FOUR INCHES smaller. 

I'm still working hard each day to eat healthy and workout.
With reminders like this that my work is paying off helps!

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