Friday, December 5, 2014

784 pictures later.. the first installment of my summary of our Disney world trip.

I started this post while sitting in the Orlando airport waiting for our plane to go home. It had been delayed. twice.. Fitting as our flight to Orlando had been cancelled and we were rerouted. Thanks American. At first we laughed and said that if Disney were in charge, it would run on time! But now, waiting to go home, it's just frustrating. No storm, no reason given, just late.

I was hoping to get this post completed and uploaded before the incredibly hectic week started. Obviously that didn't happen. So I'm going to hit the high points and just move on.

Thankfully I have 784 pictures on my phone to choose from as I tell the story of our journey in pictures. These plus the 220 pictures that we had taken on our Magic Photo Pass just might get me enough pictures to make a few scrapbooks!

Picture #1

Loaded up!

Take note of the yellow bag tags. These are part of the Magical Express service and they truly are magical. When you get to your starting airport you hand off your luggage and you don't see it again until it arrives in your hotel room!

Picture #8.

My carry on. 

Yes it was fun going through airport security with this thing!  
A note to parents that need to travel with meds, take unopened bottles if possible. An unopened bottle of medicine just has to have the box swabbed along with everything else. An opened bottle has to be put in the screener and tested. It's not difficult, it just takes more time.

Given that we were traveling with a dozen prescriptions plus all sorts of allergy meds, it wasn't too bad, but I think part of it was that I had put most of it in the one bag so security just had to check the one piece of luggage. The epi-pen and nebulizer meds clued security in quickly that I meant business and treated us with great respect.
Pictures #11-12

FINALLY on a plane. I was and am so thankful to have good kids! All the waiting for planes and on planes took a toll on us. I can't imagine trying to travel with stinkers! (The silver lining in the horrible travel day showed me that my girls will be fine when we travel to Europe in a year and a half. Given that a 3 hour flight ended up taking almost 12 hours and two planes.. I think we will be fine!)

Picture #44

On the Magical Express!! Once we made it to the Orlando airport and got off the plane, we made it through the terminal and onto the waiting bus in 10 minutes!!  Oh the Magic of Disney! We desperately needed that!

Pictures #62 -65

At the Art of Animation Resort! Quite the first impression!

Ready to put on our magic bands!!

As soon as we got our bands on we headed to the Hall of Flavors for some food. It was YUMMY!  I know some people aren't fans of the dining plan, but man, for our family it is perfect. In fact, I'd consider dumping the table service meals for a couple more quick service meals! For example, my meal was a custom burger with avocado, bacon and swiss cheese. YUM! And when you pay with your magic band, you don't have "real" money.. so you can go ahead and get that $5 dessert!

The next morning we went to Animal Kingdom. It was cold and rainy, but we had a BLAST!

Pictures #73-83 assorted

Lexi rode her first roller coaster. Four times. and we all LOVED the Finding Nemo show!

Picture #125 Cold and Wet!

Don't you just love the little girls' faces?! They were freezing, but having a ball!

After we played at Animal Kingdom we went back to the hotel and warmed up and rested for a little while then went to Epcot for dinner.

Picture #210
We ate at Chefs de France. It was outstanding! For adults. Kylie didn't eat and Lexi barely did. Fancy mac'n cheese just isn't what my 5 year old wants!!!

Day Two:

Picture #217 Magic Kingdom!

We got to Magic Kingdom fairly early and enjoyed the relative calmness on a few rides. Then the Thanksgiving Day crowds showed up and it was insane.

Pictures #253 and 259

Tomorrowland Speedway was a hit. As were the carousel and Dumbo's flight. But the big hit of the day had to be a tie between Haunted Mansion and The Barnstormer! 

Kylie LOVED the roller coaster! Lexi was worried about her glasses, but everyone enjoyed the ride, do we did it a few more times!

We finished our day at Magic Kingdom with Aladdin's Magic Carpets.  We rode it a couple of times too.

What a wonderful day! And I have soo much more to say that I'm going to make it another post as this one already has too many pictures! 

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