Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Milhazes inspired Geography project!

Maddie had a big project for Geography this week. It REQUIRED creativity! Love that. 

Simple parameters were given and then the students were asked to be creative. 

Maddie chose to focus her project on South America. Doug was interested as he spent a few months there while in college. I was interested as my favorite artist is from there. I quickly showed Maddie the work of Beatriz Milhazes and she agreed, creating a layered "mural" would perfectly fit the parameters of the assignment.

So Maddie did all of her research and found clip art to visually reflect all of the requirements and then she sent me her file. I then used my Pazzle and cut all of her files from vinyl. Milhazes actually paints each of her objects, but with it being the end of the semester there was no time for that!

And here we are tonight putting the layers of vinyl down. I had so many ideas as to how I would do the project.. But it wasn't mine to do...so here is Maddie creating HER project!

It turned out cute. I suggested that she shade out the rest of the map.. You know change the opacity of the first layer.. So that the vinyl images would pop off the map. 

Obviously Maddie didn't agree.

Anyway, all in all, I gotta say, I liked the project. Doug and I were given a chance to tell our teen about something we love and as is our norm- we came from totally different ends.. But we ended up at the same place. 

This time Brazil!

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