Thursday, December 25, 2014

Candlelight Christmas Eve

One of the church celebrations that I have looked forward to the most now that Doug is back pastoring was the Christmas Eve service. These is absolutely NOTHING that matches the awe and reverence that comes with the candlelight singing of Silent Night.

Maddie got sick during the afternoon with her fever spiking to 103.5 and I was so bummed. She has been sick many a Christmas (scrapbooked to prove it..) but given that she was sick last Christmas as well, she was really disappointed. I had been working all day getting treats ready for after the service and was determined that we would find a way for me to be there for at least a few minutes of this special time!

So, I gathered up the candy and crackers and took all of my supplies to the church early and got everything set up and then hightailed it back home so that Doug and the littles could get to church on time.

After giving Maddie another dose of meds, I ran to church and snuck in the back for the end of the service. JUST IN TIME!! whew.

Here is a glimpse. You can almost here the singing!

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Doug helping a child light her candle with the Christ candle!

What a sweet child.

I didn't get any pictures of Lexi or Kylie with their candles as they were sitting down front and I snuck in the back. I will make a point to do so next year!

And if any of you out there haven't ever been to a Christmas Eve service, you should put it on your calendar for next year!

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