Saturday, November 22, 2014

Counting Their Savings, the Girls Get Ready for Disney World!

We leave for Disney World on Tuesday morning! We are so ready!

One of the biggest changes we made getting ready for this trip to Disney compared to our first family trip there was that we made the girls earn/save their own spending money!  We told them that we would get them there and feed them, but all other purchases were on them!

And they have done a fantastic job this year saving! I am so proud of them.  Maddie hasn't really worried about it much. She has a job and has money. But Lexi and Kylie are pretty much at our mercy, so they have been more diligent and intentional about their savings.  

So today, just three days out, we were ready to count our money! Doug and I have saved change all year and we plan to use that for the incidentals. It's been fun to watch our change jar grow!

Sidenote: we had all the money bagged up and Lexi and I went to the coinstar machine so that it would count it for us. Both machines in town were broken.  Besides the having to carry the truckload of change in and out of stores for no reason, I'm glad we couldn't use the machines. Counting the money was way more rewarding and tangible. It was hard work! The girls learned how to count of the coins and roll the money. We spent most of the day working on it. I think the machines would have been too much like using a credit card.. not a real transfer of money therefore not a real experience of earning and learning!

Here are the girls ready to count the change. 

The girls sorted and counted and rolled. All of them.

Doug came in and started on his MOUND of pennies!!

Can you believe the coins!

We had to stop 1/2 way through for Doug and Lexi to run to the office supply store and get more penny rolls! Here we are at break time. You can really see just how many pennies we had!

Back at it. 

Kylie couldn't help it. She had to go change into a costume. Here she is with her savings as Anna.

Maddie finished counting hers early and helped Doug and I with ours. 

And here is Doug with our loot.

Ready for the bank!

Total Disney spending money savings for the year for the girls..

Kylie: $84
Lexi: $95.50
Maddie: $78

Doug and I saved $255 in change!

Gotta say, it's pretty fun to watch the girls save for something special and really follow through with it. I love seeing their proud faces and seeing their accomplishments!

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