Monday, May 12, 2014

The Land Purchase

One of my hobbies is looking at houses and house plans. It drives Doug crazy.
For example, we can be 10 miles, 100 miles or 1000 miles from home and drive by an Open House, and I WANT to go look at that house! Doug doesn't understand it. I know we won't buy the house.. but it doesn't keep me from wanting to look at it! I consider it to be fun.
Anyway, for the last 15 years I have been looking at house plans and we have talked about building our dream house. We moved cities and states, we had kids, we've changed jobs and done all the things that keep you from building a dream house. But now, as Doug says, the "cement has set." We aren't going anywhere. So the time is right.
A friend of ours heard that we were looking at a piece of land and mentioned that she had an acre that she might be willing to sell to us. So she and her husband discussed it and Doug and I discussed it and I wavered back and forth over a few weeks. So many options to consider. I love living in town and a block from the high school.. but the idea of more space and a pool.. that's rather appealing too.
One day I would be, let's do it. The next day, I'd tell Doug about a house on the market. The next day I'd suggest building on a tiny lot in town. The next day I'd be back to the acre. The next day I'd mention a different house in town. And so on.
Finally Doug mentioned that every day was new and he couldn't keep up. I told him that until he decided on something, I'd probably continue this pattern.
So, all that to say....
Guess what I got for Mother's Day?
An acre of land! With an option to purchase the acre next to it.
I'm pumped! The road the land is on 3 miles from the high school. It's country living, but not "out in the country!"
Here we are at the property yesterday!
Love this picture! :)

Trying to get the timer set to take a family photo.. fail.
So what's next? Well, we will meet with the builder for an informal first meeting in June and start from there. In the meantime, I have about a dozen new house plans for Doug to look at.... everyday. 
Good thing he's a patient man.

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