Monday, May 19, 2014

Painting in Church

I was asked to create a painting during church. Start to finish. One hour. Holy Cow!
Of course I said yes. You know me, I love a challenge.
So, yesterday, during our churches 9am service, I painted a complete painting.
Below are some of the pictures that Doug took of me working. Fun to see the process.
Notice the empty canvas. I had the sketch on the canvas to start, but that was it.

 As soon as the first song began, I started working. Fast and furious was the name of the game.


That had to be the fastest hour of church EVER. At the end of the service, the pastor asked me to tell about the piece... the painting is of my impressionist interpretation of the church and the woman we were honoring that day. (Miss Penny worked with the preschool children in our day school for 40 years!!)

When the service was over, Doug came up and took some closeups of me finishing up.

Here is the "completed" piece. It's not really, but close enough for the day. I told Miss Penny that I would finish it this week and get it to her. I want to get a chance to fine tune it and you just can't do that in an hour (plus the extra 30 minutes that I took afterwards while the choir was setting up...).

So will I do this again? Absolutely. But not once a month as I was asked too! That would be too much like work.  I also learned that painting buildings within the one hour time frame is too hard! I need to keep it simple! I ended up working in acrylic so that the dry time would work for transport, but I much prefer the blendability of oils. It was harder to work in acrylic as I had to just layer instead of blend. I think I'd like to try to find a way to transport an oil painting!

But was it fun? YES!  And when I really finish, I'll post a picture of the completed painting.

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