Friday, May 30, 2014

My kind-of season

Tball is over. Awesome. Tball is my kind of game. Two practices before the season starts, 9 games (and we missed 2 of them) and we are done.
Kylie loved tball once we arrived at the field. Getting her there some days took bribery.  But that's what being 4 means. Meltdowns and bribery.
Here is the team. Aren't they adorable. Kylie is in the center on the first row.

This last game was Kylie's best. I love ending on a high note. Here are a few pictures of the game.

Warming up. I found out how to get Kylie to throw the ball well. Show her a picture of the ball in the air. She LOVED seeing how far she could throw it on my camera!

At bat.
Fielding the ball??? No, probably dancing!
 Love her.
 So long tball. Hello SUMMER!!!

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