Friday, May 23, 2014

The end of the year.

It has been a fantastic school year. But I am exhausted. 
Stolen from facebook. No clue who to credit! :(

So many wonderful and exciting things happened this year, and everyone of them where my choice to participate in.. so when I say am exhausted, it is completely my own fault.

But here is my school year recap.  (For the record, we have one week left, but I'm finally in cleanup mode!)

June: Worked on the "Big Show" and put on a week-long art camp for kids.

July: Big Show and took a graduate level art course

August: Big Show and start of school

September: Big Show performances and art show

November: Taught teacher workshops at art convention

December: Scholastic Art Contest

January: Youth Art Month, other art contests and another
graduate level art course

February: VASE Art Contest and Theatrical Design Contest

March: Youth Art Month reception and UIL OAP judge

April: State VASE contest, district art show, Congressional Art Contest

May: State Theatrical Design contest and prep for this summer's art camp!

And let's not forget that I trained and ran a marathon during this time and still somehow spent time with my husband and children!

My plans for this summer are to chill. Which means lots of art projects and painting and afternoons at splashville with the girls.

Life is insanely busy and at this point every year I am totally exhausted, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm already working on next school year and thankful that I have a great job that provides me with all of the professional accolades that I need, but weeks to recover and renew myself. 

So come on summer!!

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