Friday, May 2, 2014

TBall Time

I'm becoming rather nostalgic. It's hard to believe that my baby is playing Tball and doing big kid things. We've had a preschool little girl in our house for so long, that I'm afraid by the time Kylie starts Kindergarten in the fall I'll be a teary mess!
Anyway... Kylie's first two Tball games were this week. She was adorable I must say!

All of the Daddies are helper coaches. It's fun to watch the dads try to corral the kids!

Outfield work is tough. Sometimes you have to take a break.
Here is Kylie at bat! Love the too big pink softball helmet that she chooses to wear instead of the boring (and tight) black tball helmet!

I don't have a close up picture of her and Coach Tony, but man is he a fantastic coach. At the first game he even used his shirt to wipe her snotty nose when they didn't have a kleenex!

Even more, he has taken the time to get to know Kylie and recognizes that she pulls back from the group when she is unsure of what to do or things get too crazy. He stops and call her by name and brings her back into the activity without us having to push her. By the end of the second game this week, she was leaning into him and talking and interacting. And, if that wasn't enough, he even got her to field an ball and throw it to first! Woohoo!

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