Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What do you do when you have nothing left?

What do you do when you have nothing left?

Nothing left to give.
Nothing left to say.

Well, in my world,  you have two choices. You can cry and keep going or you can run and keep going.

Bet you can guess what I did.

Tonight after a super long day complete with almost 5 hours of driving, 2 hours sitting in the doctor's office WAITING to be seen by the specialist and countless work problems and issues that had to be dealt with right then even though I wasn't at work to deal with them... I was ready to scream. or cry. or hide.

Instead, my little girls asked me to go run with them.

So we did.

Lexi and Kylie and I went and ran almost a mile tonight after supper.

And I enjoyed it. And loved on my girls a little.

Then came home and dealt with about 3 THOUSAND more details and problems.

I'm not even trying to live a normal life these days.

I am doing my absolute best to remind myself that September 27th will be here soon and the Broadway bonanza that I have been killing myself over the last nine months is about to be completed. (When I realized what we were doing and that I was going to be an active participant in the planning of it... other duty as assigned... I asked for the most responsibility! Control issues?)

I'm totally nuts.

But the production is fantastic.

I'm totally exhausted. Nothing left in the tank.

But I'm 51 days from my first marathon... which translates to non-marathoners... an 18 mile run this Saturday and at least one 20 miler in the next couple of weeks....

All that to say.. if you have an extra moment in your day. Be thankful. And if you don't need it... send it my way. I could use a few. 4:30am training runs are hard. 

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