Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doug suggested I not call out a certain department store

So I won't.

There is a reason I run things by my rational husband.

But let me say this.

If a certain department store has 75% of their clothes on clearance all of the time, yet no one is in the store, maybe the buyer for the parent company has issues.

Here is my tale of the store today.

I made some purchases a few weeks ago and had to return as Maddie had needed the medium jacket that I bought for myself instead of the small jacket that I bought for her.

Clue 1.

Maddie wears a small. In fact, except for height, Maddie could wear a size 12 girls. She is a SMALL.

I also had to return a pair of pants that I had bought for myself. The tag says my size. But when I got them home I couldn't get them past my knees.

Clue 2.

So instead of returning the items, the salesperson asked if I'd like to exchange. I said I'd look around. And hey, why not.. everything is on sale. (sidenote: salespeople are nice and personable)

I look around and have a little trouble finding things I'd like to try on. Most of the clothes are for an older generation. And I don't dress young.

Clue 3.

I find some capri trousers that are okay. Knowing my issue with the pants that I just brought back I get a pair that is a size up. And another pair in another color TWO sizes up. This doesn't make me happy.

I also find a couple of shirts and hang onto those.

I go try on the clothes.

The pants don't fit. In fact, I can't get them buttoned.

This does not make me happy.

Clue 4.

Unhappy customers because of bad sizing or poor clothing doesn't make for quality customers.

In the end, I exchange for a couple of generic tops that I can wear to work.

So this is what I have to say to the unnamed department store chain...

WHY in the world would I purchase a size of 12 or 14 pants from you when I wear a size 6!!! Look back at my last blog post. I already have food and self-image issues. I don't need this!! I don't know why this store sized DOWN... but NO WOMAN wants to buy a LARGER SIZE. EVER.

Especially when the woman didn't gain any weight but for some reason the store decided to go small.

And this is no Abercrombie and Fitch..

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