Monday, September 30, 2013

Highlights from the Big Show!!

A few (or 26) highlights from the TASA/TASB convention.

Here is Lexi with her photograph.

And a picture of Lexi's best friend Emma with her art and a senior art student.

Here I am with Mindy, my bff and sidekick and our superintendent Dr. Floyd. Mindy and I worked tirelessly on this show!

And here are the show highlights. A friend of mine took the upclose pictures as she was in prime seating!  I took the ones from the very back. I don't like sitting and watching a show of mine. I need to be able to move!

The kids did an outstanding job. We were so proud of them! It was so fun to see them shine on those massive screens. They didn't even realize the venue was so big! The lights were bright and Maddie said they could only see about 10 rows deep. There were only a few hundred rows beyond that!

I'm not planning on doing another production like this anytime soon, but I have to say, it was an incredible experience to put together. All of the pieces of the puzzle and the planning.. just my kinda of thing! I was glad to see that I was as good at handling the production as I had billed myself to be!

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