Monday, September 23, 2013

It's almost BIG SHOW time!

To say that things are crazy around here implies a semblance of normal. There is none.

But, as my principal said to me this afternoon as I was leaving school. I made it through today.

By this weekend, a WHOLE lot of my crazy will be completed. In fact, a year's worth of planning and preparing will be presented and finished. Wow. No wonder I've gone off the crazy train.

On Friday at 4pm the group of 100 kids below will present a 20 minute Broadway style show about our school district to the state administrators/school board convention attendees.

It's a big deal.

The last few weeks have been difficult. Lots of rehearsals and performances. We are all tired. you can see that in the picture above.  I'd like to say they are all singing... some of the younger kids aren't. :)

Both Lexi and Maddie are in the show. 

So they get me crazy here and at school.

Yes, we will all be relieved when it's done.

Truly, I've tried to be nice to people about it and not go psycho on people about things cause I asked for the responsibility. I have loved working on this production. It's what my degree is in! But I didn't take into consideration that in the last month craziness that I'd still have my regular teaching load and all of the responsibilities of my classroom on top of the responsibilities of taking a production on the road with 10 performances, multiple meals, transportation issues, 25 adults and on and on... .  Not great planning on my part I guess.

But guess what? It's almost here and it will be FABULOUS! Thanks for hanging in there and checking back every so often to see if I have survived.

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